Warm Their Bodies and Minds with Food

It’s the first snowfall of the winter and the kids are ready to go. They are covered from head to toe in warm clothes and are chomping at the bit to build that snowman. We know they are warm now, but in a few short minutes they will be chilled to the bone. Head to the kitchen and whip up something to warm both their bodies and their minds while they’re out playing.

As parents we know good nutrition is important in keeping our children’s bodies healthy. It is also an important factor in keeping their minds healthy. When children play or exercise they become famished. When this happens we make sure they have a nutritious snack to revitalize them. When they are cold this becomes even more of a necessity.

When the body becomes cold it has a tendency to “shut down.”  Adults know that if they are chilled their minds don’t function as well and neither do their bodies. It is important to give your child those warm beverages and soothing foods to help their bodies rejuvenate from the cold.

Drinks are a great way to help them warm up. Hot chocolate is always a favorite of children. Add a few marshmallows and they’ll be in heaven. Warm cider or tea can also give them the boost they need.

Incorporate a beverage into a warm meal. Chicken broth is a great way of adding a warm touch to a cold body. Chicken broth is also said to be quite healthy. Remember the warm cozy feeling you had as a child when Mom gave you chicken soup or broth when you weren’t feeling well? It has the same effect when you’re cold and tired.

Soups and grilled cheese sandwiches are a favorite for many children. This simple meal can be ready in no time and might be just the ticket in warming up the little ones.

There nothing like coming in out of the cold to a warm kitchen. Once the kids are in and have off all those clothes, let them help in doing some baking or lunchtime cooking. Be prepared with a cup of tea to help them warm up before they go to work on the delicious treats. Have the oven preheated so they enjoy a nice room while creating their own delicacies. This is a great way to help them get the heat back to those cold hands and feet.

Warming both the body and mind is important to keep our children healthy, happy and wise. Giving them foods and beverages they enjoy after a frolic in the cold is one way to ensure they maintain good health. Spending some time with them in a warm kitchen is one way for you to be sure they stay happy and maintain good health – both physically and mentally!  
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