Holiday Leftover Magic : Must Read Books

Leftover Turkey - Make Some Magic (Kindle Edition)
~ Chefs Secret Vault ~

The Holiday season often means a great pile of leftovers to enjoy. However, if you don't want to be eating turkey sandwiches every day for a month, you'll want to find more exciting recipes. You'll find some of the best leftover turkey recipes like Heart Healthy Turkey Loaf, Rib Sticking Baked Ziti with Ground Turkey Meatballs, and Eye-Popping Jumbo Shells Stuffed With Turkey.

The Turkey Trots Once More
~ Johnny Pinto and Sandy Pinto ~

With 200 holiday leftover creations to choose from, you are bound to find a few new favorites. Think beyond the turkey sandwich. This one of a kind cookbook covers as they say "gourmet soups, peppy pasta, sassy salads, ample appetizers, epic entrees, enticing ethnic, and captivating casseroles."  Judging from these titles, we'll all find something to love: Aunt Wyannie's Great Northwest Turkey Bake, Cranberry Turkey Wreath, Spicy Orange Turkey Stir Fry, and Turkey Paprikash.

The Leftovers Cookbook
~ Loyta. Wooding ~

This is a complete cookbook which shows cooks how to plan and prepare leftovers and use them to make delicious meals, saving money and time - without wasting a thing.

ENCORE - The Leftovers Cookbook
~ Betty Jane Wylie ~

Published in 1972, so bound to find some old fashioned takes on leftovers. There are no product descriptions available.

Waste Not Want Not: A Cookbook of Delicious Foods from Leftovers
~ Helen McCully ~

Published in 1975, this book will likely be a fun nostalgic read. There are no product descriptions available.

The Thrifty Cookbook: 476 ways to eat well with leftovers
~ Kate Colquhoun ~

According to the description of this book, the UK throws away 6.7 million tons of food a year - that's a third of all the food we buy. This book shows how to make your food go much, much further than you thought possible. You'll find tasty recipes for Casseroles, Chutneys, Crumbles, Curries, Fishcakes, Gratins, Marinades, Meatballs, Pies, Soups, Stews, and Stir Fries.  There's almost nothing that can't have a second act in your kitchen.

Leftover Makeovers: Great New Meals from Last Night's Dinner
~ Victoria Shearer ~

Sitting down to a warmed up meal of exactly the same leftovers is Boring! With more than 100 delicious recipes, this book offers a new approach to meal planning, preparation, and leftovers. Starting with a 'core recipe' and then planning the leftover meals is at the heart of this revolutionary method. Turn leftovers into entirely new dishes with exciting flavors and creative twists.

The Use-It-Up Cookbook: A Guide for Minimizing Food Waste (Kindle Edition)
~ Lois C. Willand ~

Using up your leftovers and surplus foods can be a challenge.  If you can't tolerate wasting food, this book is for you.  The recipes are classic, simple, quick, and easy to prepare.  This book is designed for frugal cooks who want to use all the food they buy, store, and cook.

Leftover Cookbook - The Stand-Up Cookbook
~ William I.Kaufman ~

This book was published in 1965 so it will definitely be an interesting read.  The clever design of the book allows it to stand up and remain open:  "THE STAND-UP COOKBOOK - Always Open While You Cook"  Very fun.

Use It Up Cookbook: Creative Recipes for the Frugal Cook
~ Catherine Kitcho ~

This book helps us by relieving us of any guilt about wasting food.  You'll finally quit shuffling that last banana around, watching it get brown.  The half a carton of buttermilk will finally get used.  This book is all about gathering the odds and ends left after cooking or after a meal and using it up in creative and delicious ways. So now that can of tomato paste with a tablespoon missing will find a place in a meal. Unlike more traditional cookbooks, this book gives you recipes that use up these little dribs and drabs.

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